July 31, 2017

SUN.STAR | Those Women, Mt. Talinis and Jeanette

This narrative first appeared on Sun.Star Cebu’s travel section some years ago. This is my entry for August 2017 Blog Carnival hosted by Sheila and Gian of Adrenaline Romance. How about you? Have you encountered an interesting person in your adventures? Do share your stories. I love listening to them. *** She arrived. She positioned her backpack beside her. It was almost as tall as her and perhaps as heavy. This would be our second climb together, and somehow, I expected her bag would be as interesting as the one she brought to Kan-Irag. About 30 meters from the jump-off, her […]
March 21, 2012

Cebu Yearbook 2012: Knowing Cebu through Its Mountains

It started with a call from Kristin Lerin, the travel editor of Sunstar’s Live. She asked if I was willing to write about the mountains of Cebu for Sunstar Yearbook 2012. Of course, I giddily yes-sed.
August 30, 2011
Backpacking with a Book

Mt. Manunggal: The Historical

How it is to be a mountain reputed for its historical relevance? Ramon Magsaysay’s presidential plane, Mt. Pinatubo, lost its way in a stormy night and crashed into Cebu’s second highest located in Balamban. The president’s life was not spared. His death made a mountain out of Manunggal. Rows of Silence Mt. Manunggal lacks the gruelling trail, which seasoned mountaineers favor, nor does it have a rewarding view, which most see as the culmination after hours of ascent. The parching heat is the most palpable enemy. With all of  these perceived shortcomings, why is it one of the most visited […]
August 19, 2011

Mt. Babag: The City’s Quiet

Cebu City, with its discords and sonorities, has serene ranges looming beyond the skyscrapers. When the city disturbs the disquiet, Mt. Babag comforts the disturbed. It is just a miniature compared to other mountains fit for major climbs. Yet, Mt. Babag, the city’s ceiling, offers itself for weekend meanderings, for serene walks, for a day away from the discordant city. Babag ranges stretch silently along the edges of Guadalupe, which makes Brgy. Napo—located on the ranges’ foot and a ten-peso ride from Guadalupe church—the most accessible entry point for weekend climbers. Whereas its height is often belittled, the diverse qualities […]