September 9, 2013

The Everyday at Cateel Davao Oriental

If I were having a gourmet dinner, Cateel was the main course of my recent Davao Oriental trip. Sachi was such a great host. She rarely comes home. So she was sincerely excited to explore her hometown, visit relatives, and talk Mandaya—their own dialect that has a trace of Bisaya but not quite. The word most vivid in my head is “ampan.” Sachi’s old house was uprooted, wrecked  with hundreds of houses and trees during Pablo. I witnessed how she almost did a karoshi (I’m just exaggerating) to amass funding for the building of their new nest. She is your perfect […]
April 14, 2011
Backpacking with a Book

Davao’s Prints and Patterns

Societies are made up of prints and patterns.  Virhenia, the clown, once asked what’s social fabric.  I could not remember my retort. Memory failed me. Perhaps I answered rather mockingly, which would perfectly fit her image of me: bitter, sarcastic, whimsical. Social fabric is indeed the prints and patterns recurring in our societies, and it can even be applied to personalities and places. P said my fashion style is eccentric, which is perhaps a clue to my personality type. Perhaps that’s the very reason it took three hours in searching for the best Mindanao-patterned dress.  (Since I’m not learned about […]