July 1, 2016

Dish Our Town’s Hipmunk Hotels: Best Traditional Hotels in Albany, Ithaca, Syracuse and More

This post—Hipmunk Hotels: Best Traditional Hotels in Albany, Ithaca, Syracuse and More—originally appeared on Dish Our Town’s blog on April 11, 2016. When people refer to New York, they often think of New York City. The state, however, is vast and has a lot more to offer than skyscrapers and a busy lifestyle. A few hours north, in the upstate region of the state, are cities that offer some of the most beautiful landscape in the country. Along with the scenery comes wonderful culture, entertainment, and dining. It also has a lot to offer when it comes to traditional hotel […]
August 23, 2015

Why Now Is The Time To Visit These Landscapes Affected By Climate Change

This post, “Why Now Is The Time To Visit These Landscapes Affected By Climate Change,” was posted by thehipmunk on Hipmunk’s Tailwind blog on August 3, 2015.  Climate change is real, and it’s having a significant impact on some of the world’s most stunning, unique, and precious landscapes. Rising global temperatures, along with industrialization, are causing many of these landscapes to disappear right before our very eyes. Check out our list below for four landscapes that are being directly affected by climate change and how best to visit them before it’s too late!
July 1, 2015

HIPMUNK | Orlando: More Than a Roller Coaster City

Blog Post Type: Summary of a City Guide Orlando has become a city synonymous with amusement parks and intimidating roller coasters. These parks entice the whole family, especially the ones with kids, to pack their bags, book a hotel among the many affordable hotels in Orlando, and feel summer in one’s skin. But cities like Orlando have secrets that can only be uncovered by those who seek. Orlando might be considered expensive, but it has many affordable places worth exploring — places that capture and explain the true nature of Orlando: fun, loving, and varied. For those who seek the […]
June 28, 2015

HIPMUNK | Five Hong Kong Hotels with a Lovely View of Victoria Harbor

Hong Kong – Hipmunk City Love/Top Cities Project Best Of Hotels #9 Hong Kong, like most busy metropolis, keeps on reinventing itself. Some buildings collapse, new ones rise. Women trot around old raggedy alleyways, hunting for the best bowl of noodles with their signature bags. Old Buddhist temples share or fight spaces with skyscrapers. This what makes Hong Kong adorable: it is comfortable with its contrasts running in abundance. Such contradictions help travelers from different walks of life to find what they need and want. For example, these five hotels are some of the manyaffordable hotels in Hong Kong that […]