August 24, 2015

Five Onsens in Tokyo Worth Taking a Dip

Tokyo, JP – Cities Less Traveled Blog Post #2 The scenes at Shibuya Crossing encapsulate the life the Japanese live: hurried, monotonous, uniform, and uneventful. The locals are used to this lifestyle: work until midnight, get up at five a.m., prepare for work, and work until midnight. It is only in Japan where there is a word for “death from overwork”—karoshi. When they feel they are about burn out, the Japanese people’s quickest escape from their deadlines and worries is the onsen, a hot spring. A dip in the sulfuric water renews the senses and recharges the energy bank. Once you […]
June 4, 2015

To Austin with Weirdness and Sumptuousness

Blog Post Type: Summary of a City Guide Austin is a Texas city branded as weird that should stay weird. For some, this tagline might strike as something excessive, superficial, and pretentious. For some, there is something beautiful and striking with the word “weird.” Its definition is stretchable and endless. Weird might be quaint to one and cool to another. It can mean mysterious, curious, or unique. There is no single word that can truly capture Austin’s weirdness. For foodies, weird might be something new to the taste bud or something like the same old deliciousness with a new look or take. […]
May 28, 2015

Getting to Know Vienna’s Streets

Hipmunk City Love: Blog Post Type: Planning a Trip to a City Life in Vienna is filled with a strong sense of art and culture. Here, the locals may be cosmopolitan with their historic buildings, music, and diverse cuisine, but they fully understand the balance between city and country life. They typically spend weekends in the mountains and weekdays in the varied districts and streets in the city. When you visit Vienna, you’ll want to experience as many of these districts as possible to learn about the places where locals go. Choose from these affordable hotels in Vienna, and once you […]
April 14, 2015

Four Must-Visit Coffee Shops in Munich

Blog Post Type: Planning a Trip to a City Munich is a city comfortable with its contradictions. It is as conservative as it is open-minded. It is as old as it is new. These contrasting characteristics please the locals and the travelers alike. From the view deck, Munich looks and feels like an ancient terracotta city, especially when it is bathed in the late afternoon light. But once you walk its streets, you can feel how postmodern it is. After all it is the high tech capital of Germany. It is rare to find a city that can match Munich’s lifestyle […]