April 11, 2015

Know the Romans through Their Cafes

Blog Post Type: Planning a Trip to a City Romans do not make light of their coffee, as they must be some of the most true-blooded coffee aficionados out there. When you grow up with nothing but the best coffee culture in the world, your taste buds desire nothing else. Here are five cafes in Rome that capture the ambiance, taste, and preference of a real Roman coffee aficionado. Photo by Prins Ramosa via Trover.com Settembrini Caffè: a Roman Affair Worth Remembering For some, it’s the ambient lighting that draws them in. For others, it’s the light lunch. For all, undoubtedly, it’s […]
March 18, 2015

Four Best Secrets of Rome

Traveling to Rome translates to bumping into fellow wanderlusts who are as awed as you with the sights, smells, and sounds of this ancient city. Once in a while, you desire to take a break from the crowd and go where the locals go. You desire to explore places some have rarely heard about.Here are four destinations that you can sneak in between famous piazzas, restaurants, and churches.Photo by Irene Wamala via Trover.com Testaccio: the Original Foodie’s Destination    In the outskirt of this historical city lies Testaccio, a place where grit and inelegance meet fun. It is the original […]
March 16, 2015

The Hidden Rome

Rome, IT – Expert Opinion Piece Blog Post #1  It is an inherent character of a traveler to pursue the unfamiliar, the hidden, and the lesser known places. It does not necessarily mean though that you are snobbish to anything that is popular and overcrowded. A true traveler aims for balance. Say, after bumping into fellow awed wanderlusts at St. Peter’s Basilica, which has around 20,000 visitors a day, it is time to go somewhere not as popular like the nearby Vatican Gardens. In order to take a peek into the manicured landscapes, you must book a week in advance. […]