March 15, 2013

Townhopping 2013: The Unkept Inambakan Falls (and Few Lessons on Cebuano)

“Daghan lagig basura sa ubos,” I tried to sound as friendly as I could to the entrance fee collector upon handing out a twenty-peso bill.  Disposals were discarded in the river and found their way between boulders. No trash cans or sacks in sight. In many cases, the LGU never wavers in collecting entrance fees without delivering the service. “Naa diay,
February 15, 2012

Photo Essay: Santander, Ginatilan, Alegria

Don’t ignore your I-might-get-lost worries. Acknowledge them. Take the bus. Get off the moment you see a place that makes you eureka-faced. I tell you, the most adventurous and rewarding trip is unplanned. 😉
February 2, 2012

Ginatilan: On Palanas Beach and Pico Iyer

Everywhere, in some lights, is a Lonely Place, just as everyone, at moments, is a solitary. Everyone sometimes dances madly when alone, or thumbs through secrets in a drawer. Everyone, at some times, is a continent of one. We passed by Samboan, and memories—wanted and unwanted—flashed back. I pointed the shore where we plunged and the small river leading to Binalayan Falls to Virhenia. She wanted us to visit the falls, but  I have no confidence guiding her—or anyone for that matter—to any rivers. I told her about  Mainit hot spring (talking about redundancy) and Montanezza Falls in Malabuyoc and […]