August 21, 2015

SUN.STAR | Tales from Lake Sebu

This post divided into two parts (can be found here and here with the title Tales from the Lake) originally appeared on Sun.Star on August 13th and 20th, 2015 respectively.   1 THE healed tears on her earlobes reminded me of a cock’s crest: soft to the touch but arresting to look at. They reminded me of little deaths, the kind I have to live through, to live with every day. Three nomongs dangled from her rugged ears. They were light and made dry little sounds once fondled. She must have spent the whole morning on her farm behind the range, and […]
April 12, 2015

DOWN SOUTH: Holy Week that I Knew

A different kind of silence settled on Paradise Street. Gone were the neighbors’ motherly morning nags; the handsome neighbor’s roosters, however, insisted their cockiness. A carpenter pounded the roof across from my place. On normal days, he would not fail to shout “Hi, Ma’am” while pedaling his trisikad across the oval-shaped neighborhood. A Vietnamese rose ignored the early April heat and bloomed throughout the day. I contemplated why it was hard to grow rosemary while mint, green tea, cilantro, and basil did not take much time or effort to take roots. It was Maundy Thursday, with the sparrows’ nesting chirps […]