May 26, 2013

Sun.Star Yearbook | Healthy Thai and Viet at Lemongrass

“It is an acquired taste for meat lovers,” the manager warned. I dipped the goi cuon (summer rolls) into hoisin sauce. Surprisingly, it tasted good even without the shrimp. Richly flavored dippings waltz with other ingredients in Viet and Thai food culture. Lemongrass picks the best of these two culinary worlds and make them available in Cebu. “The element of spiciness is always present,” I commented after nibbling the rolls dipped into a peanut-tinged sauce. It is an even strip of radish, carrots, cucumber, and lettuce wrapped in rice paper. The original menu included a shrimp in it, but since I specifically […]
March 10, 2013

Cebu Yearbook 2013 | Redefining Healthy Choices

Cebu is carnivorous. She is a city that gobbles humba as much as pochero. Yes, a city of guilt. She murmurs a small prayer of repentance after guzzling a sinful slice of lechon. But such prayer disappears with the burp. But with the contagious mantra of being healthy, she changes. She becomes more diverse. Yes, she is