April 19, 2011
Backpacking with a Book


Ice cream is happiness condensed.  —Jessi Lane Adams In some occasions, yes, especially if it’s not pure ice cream. La-di-da it may seem but I’m not part of the community of ice cream lovers. I can only tolerate a cup of ice cream if it is showered with cheese cubes. If you visit Davao, be Crepelato-ed. ADDRESS Crepelato is located at Door 1 Jocar Complex, Mayon Street, Davao City (front of the old Sampaguita Inn). You may call them at +6382-3007423. Davao City: A Five-Day Sniffing  Four Nights @ Royal Mandaya Hotel | Davao’s Prints and Patterns | Insanity Steak at Barbecue Boss | […]