November 3, 2013

Manila Bulletin | Newbie Encounter with the Siargao Waves

“They are rather small,” the hippie selling souvenirs at Cloud 9’s boardwalk shrugged her shoulders when I motioned the fierceness of the waves. “They seem furious enough,” I countered. We were at the three-story boardwalk, looking at the lapping tongues of the Pacific piqued and exploded by the lighthouse. Its roaring and breaking left shy tremors beneath our feet. But she just continued singling out hair strands from her scalp and uprooting them while I was already entertaining possible tsunamis hitting the Siargao shore. “Ber months, come here in –ber months,” she said swinging her hammock with her body. In […]
May 11, 2013

Sun.Star Cebu | To Siargao’s Tres Marias

Cloud 9, Siargao, Surigao del Norte, Philippines EVERYTHING starts with strangeness and being estranged: unfamiliar faces in the resort’s restaurant, unfamiliar laughter on the beach, a familiar sleeping position on an unfamiliar figure in the airport lobby, familiar driving on an unfamiliar road with unfamiliar hands behind the wheel. Everything starts with strangeness and being estranged. It took a confident “Hi, where are you from?” at the resort’s restaurant to make strangeness and being estranged less intimidating. A simple hi, when permitted, can superficially lead to adding yet another friend on Facebook or can favorably lead to a serious conversation.