January 12, 2014
Kawasan Falls, Badian, Cebu

Starting 2014 with a Visit to the Muse | Kawasan Falls Cebu Philippines Photos

It is a personal pilgrimage. To visit my muse, that is. Despite my countless visits, Kawasan’s vigor strikes me as exciting as the first time I set eyes on her. We were supposed to visit this place on New Year’s Day to lead off the year with rush, flow, exuberance. Yes, my personal superstitions. We pushed our trip down south on the fourth and visited the muse on his last day in Cebu. Kawasan has changed. Considerably.  Last year’s earthquake collapsed the rocks at the second falls and the tiny falls between the first and the second. The lanky guy […]
July 29, 2012

| Travel Essay | The Clouds of Bantayan Island

There is something about the clouds. Their beauty is their fleetingness. They are “unburdened by memory of any kind” unlike us. I could remember the pile of cup noodles below the television swaying, and if they had fallen down, it would have been a signal that the waves won over the ship. Luckily, the waves were not furious enough, but they constantly reminded us with their disturbing presence. A man steadied himself on the lower rail of the ship while painting its exterior white. He was left unperturbed by our cloud imaginings on the second deck. Everything was moving—the clouds, […]
February 2, 2012

Ginatilan: On Palanas Beach and Pico Iyer

Everywhere, in some lights, is a Lonely Place, just as everyone, at moments, is a solitary. Everyone sometimes dances madly when alone, or thumbs through secrets in a drawer. Everyone, at some times, is a continent of one. We passed by Samboan, and memories—wanted and unwanted—flashed back. I pointed the shore where we plunged and the small river leading to Binalayan Falls to Virhenia. She wanted us to visit the falls, but  I have no confidence guiding her—or anyone for that matter—to any rivers. I told her about  Mainit hot spring (talking about redundancy) and Montanezza Falls in Malabuyoc and […]
January 22, 2012
Backpacking with a Book

Photo Essay: Sinulog Faces

P once remarked that I am sometimes rude when taking pictures. I invade the private space of my subject. Is there such? Yes, there is.  But when I’m behind the lens, the private becomes public.  The truth is I  often exhaust the camera’s zoom limit and have to move closer to get the desired details. Here are the portraits I took during Sinulog, devoid of their usual carnival colors. UP