June 20, 2011
Backpacking with a Book

To Ioannes and His Island’s Baliw-Baliw

“It’s part of Lapu-Lapu City,” you said. You’re a native of Olango,  who finds your home island all too familiar to the brink of boredom—its lifestyle too laid-back, too ruralish. “Isn’t Olango good material for writing?” It sounded like more of a statement than a question. You looked uninterested with the idea.  Or perhaps I was just affected from the hype of the award-gatherer Ang Damgo in Eleutoria, a local full-length filmed in Olango. And perhaps this drove me into wanting to create a story out from this island. “Look at that guy with a weird faux hawk. Katol ng kamot.”  He […]