October 21, 2011

Savoring Others’ Lives at Calea

There are innumerable sensations that the mouth can achieve that our entire body can’t. “Mura siyay boss sa office. Close baya mi ——. Nya mura siyag malain. Hasta akong trabaho, kuti-kutihon. Manghilabot siya sa trabahong di iya.” “—— and —— had a conflict because of her.” “Si—— ba, okay ra siya para nimo?” “Okay ra man. Wap-a man sad ko kaila kaayo niya. Ngano diay.” “Pagbantay lang. She might turn you into an enemy as she usually does.” The stories cruised to figures I’m vaguely familiar with. With half an ear on the conversation, I scouted the place. Calea, Gen says, […]
January 5, 2011

Boiling Mambukal

Rivers are storied places. . . . Rivers tease the imagination. They are an important part of the remembered landscapes of youth.—Resil Mojares, “Remembering Rivers” A place mostly originates its name from a unique character it possess. Mambukal, from the root word bukal, which  means boil in Cebuano. Magpabukal og tubig. To boil water. Perhaps it derived its name from the famed hot spring. It is not surprising to find one in the area since it is the entrance to Mt. Kanlaon through Wasay trail, considered as the toughest route. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to journey this route—optimistically looking […]
January 5, 2011

Bacolod: Signs

December 28, 2010

Bacolod–Dumaguete: Experiencing the First Road Accident

Dec. 26 4AM Southbus Terminal 330 AM North Bus Terminal 430AM ETD for Bacolod via Tabuelan Toledo (229) 7AM Arrived at Tabuelan Toledo Port 1PM ETA Bacolod Ceres Terminal. Late Lunch. Meet Guide 2PM ETD for La Carlota.(50) 3PM ETA La Carlota. Buy Supplies 4PM Off to Guintubdan Jumpoff(50) 5PM ETA Guintubdan Jumpoff. Start Trek 6PM Sleep Out 8PM – ETA Camp 1 830 PM – Pitch camp. Dinner. Talk. Drink 10 PM – Lights out Dec.27 3AM Wake Up Call.Breakfast 730 AM Wake-up Call. Breakfast 4AM Start Trek 9 AM Breakcamp. Backtrail 12NN ETA Jumpoff.Off. Off to La Carlota […]