June 1, 2013

Pinoy Travel Bloggers | Summer Epilogue

It is the body  that knows first that summer has arrived. Sweat trails the scalp, the spine, the forehead. It is the exposed skin that turns a shade darker. It is the nape that feels the uncomfortableness of of the heat. It is the body that screams for an escape to the mountains, islands, beaches, and perhaps even the city. Summer has a way of surprising us. It is the place, the time where, when everything seems pleasurably doable without the usual bout of guilt and remorse. We bask in summer warmth, glorify the equal blueness of the sky and sea, celebrate the […]
April 8, 2013

Sun.Star Weekend | Traveling on a Shoestring (2 of 3)

Summer taunts. As much as we want to ignore it, the city heat and sweat trailing our scalp and back are intolerable. Our body begs for another shower at night, our skin—especially the face—an extra layer of SPF30. Summer, just like rainy months, is the season for colorful umbrellas. Summer asks for a trip to the beach, river, or somewhere refreshing or unfamiliar. But what is stopping us is not the heat—after all, the scorching sun is one of the necessities to get stoked—rather, we are confronted with the nagging concern of the wanderlust in us: funds.