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December 26, 2011
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January 8, 2012
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Wrap 2011 with Happiness and Gratitude

To Mt. Babag by Claire “Kikit” Apigo

BWAB bloomsed this last year.  Some posts here, I confidently assume, are worthy to be explored and rewritten; some posts to be trashed. With essays left unwritten and pictures unsorted, let me wrap 2011 with happiness and gratitude.

This Last year’s wanderings affirmed and strengthened some old beliefs, some were unceremoniously replaced, some were found in the ship, jeepney, bus, plane.

Itineraries are useless. Traveling happens the moment you are caught indecisive and seemingly lost. Traveling happens the moment you acknowledge the fact you’re lost, the moment you accept the truth that the place is a stranger. Traveling is go, leave, and come back. 

No lengthy itineraries in 2012.

For those who sincerely read the posts—with or without a trace—thank you.

For the critic/editor/alarm clock, P, thank you.

A reminder to oneself 

BWAB is not a travel guide nor tourism-oriented, which I might fall prey to sometimes. I’ll promote my country with utmost honesty (if that is possible) without the aid of misleading, deceitful adjectives. I want to treat the experience with utter loyalty and truthfulness.

I want to do a Pico Iyer. (Ambitious!)  Or I want to do a Jona Bering! (More Ambitious!) I want to write without “the questionable habits of tourism.” I want to have “a vivid look at places long lost to mainstream travelers.”

I might not be even wholly loyal to the experience itself but to the memory of it.



Jona of Backpacking with a Book

***Quotes lifted from the reviews of Pico Iyer’s Falling Off the Map

Jona of Backpacking with a Book

Hi there, I’m Jona! I’m in my early 30s and is currently based in Ha Noi, Vietnam.I primarily write poetry and short stories in Cebuano and lengthy travel essays in English. Blogging has become an outlet to think out loud. I live the life I set for myself. I try to live an unapologetic life. For collaborations, projects, and other things, please email me at backpackingwithabook@gmail.com. Find me somewhere else!

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  1. myand says:

    No lengthy itineraries in 2012.– since they are useless right? XD

  2. i just love the gratitude post you wrote Jona. Nicely written and the photo captures what really is one that is felt. Loved it.

  3. rutheh says:

    Happy New Year to you and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Maggie L R says:

    Happy New Year and Happy travels whereever you go or do not go.

  5. What does writing without the questionalbe habits of tourism mean? How can anyone travel with out being a tourist? By virtue of travel, you are in essence on a tour. Going off the beaten path, where mainstream dares not go, does not make the world any more real. It just adds another perspective of the world to your perception of it. Of course, I admit, it is often more rewarding (personally, here) to have more elbow room to enjoy the view/experience.

    Nice photos, by the way.

    • According to Pico Iyer, to write with “the questionable habits of tourism” is to write like a travel guide. It is not actually about the gap between a traveler and a tourist; rather it is about travel writing. Iyer himself is a tourist but he sees and writes about what he sees poignantly and lyrically. He doesn’t sound like our typical travel guide. 😉

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