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May 20, 2014
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It’s Always Summer at Tejero Highland Resort and Adventure Park

DSC_1373 When I started taking trips, Dumaguete was one of the most accessible and safest places to travel. It is a city that invites you to take long walks.  It is a place that always gives you two options: to stay or to explore its neighbors. In my case, it is always Valencia and Siquijor.

I started backpacking Valencia with a girlfriend four years ago. We trekked our way to Casaroro Falls, remembered violence and brutality at Cataal World War II Museum, enjoyed nature at Forest Camp, and dipped at Banica water. 

All of these happened before Sendong’s raging water razed Apolong. Two years ago, I passed by Valencia after a two-day trek to its beautiful Mt. Talinis and saw how Sendong flattened where Forest Camp and Banica Pool used to be.

Last Friday, I was backto see the lively resurrection of Banica Pool now called Tejero Highland Resort and Adventure Park, a joint public-private partnership between PhilSouth Properties and the Municipality of Valencia. 


Zegwee Your Way (P200/person)

DSC_1424I was quite embarrassed to admit that I could only maneuver a trisikad and a bicycle.  I have an aversion to moving vehicles—machines I thought I could not control well.  Not until Tejero.  It looked rather easy, but to balance and maneuver Zegwee could be tricky! It made my sweat gland do an overwork! Joel, the marketing and sales manager, doted I learned how to maneuver it quite fast. I hoped so!

Drive Your Own ATV Like a Pro (Price starts at P300.00)

DSC_1441I hesitated to drive my own ATV because it looked like a mammoth. Jepoy, my guide, taught me how to drive it. He let me try driving it first. But I ended up loving it and drove all the way to Alta Tierra—a mountain resort and village—and back to Tejero.

I love the slow but adventurous ride.  Through the ride, I was able to observe the real country life at Valencia.

Go Loco Inside Aqua Zorb Ball (P50/3 minutes)

DSC_1383If you want to play Jesus and walk on water, Aqua Zorb Ball is the closest deal. They have it at the biggest pool.  I wonder if someone has successfully walked in it without toppling down. Three minutes is long enough.

Pool! Pool! Pool!DSC_1397Tejero has three  pools. The renovated Banica Pool—the one located next to the Adventure Park—is river-fed. They now used three different filters so the water does not look murky anymore unlike the  original Banica.

Pool 2 is the biggest and the most lively to look at and next to it is the Pool 3. With the summer heat, it is undeniable that everyone wants to take hours-long dip at the pools.

Tejero does not impose corkage fees for any food the guests bring. I find that admirable. Cottages are reasonably priced as well: P200, P300, and P400.

Entrance fee is P60 for adults and P40 for kids.

Hours of Operation: 9AM-6PM


DSC_1444Try their All Meat Pizza and Cheesy Pizza. They also have a very affordable barbecue meal at P95.


During my visit, some facilities and amenities are still underconstruction. I’m looking forward to trying their zipline, restaurant, teambuilding facility, and bungee trampoline in the coming days.


 For reservations and bookings, please contact these numbers:
0917-707-0791 or (035)400-3977
Facebook Page:
Address: Apolong, Valencia, Negros Oriental


This trip is sponsored by Tejero Highland Resort and Adventure Park

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