January 5, 2011

The “I” in Bacolod

January 6, 2011
Backpacking with a Book

Burping at Joed’s Lutong Hapon

Familiarizing, knowing one’s neighborhood has a number of advantages. A friend mentioned there is an affordable Japanese restaurant in the neighborhood. We basically live in the same area. “Imagine, sushi for P65.” “Ows?” She wasn’t joking. With other nocturnal creatures mostly composed of artist friends, it became  a regular midnight rendezvous. Then it extended to workmates since there is no better conclusion for our nights than food. I wondered why the owner called it izakaya (drinking bar). People frequent the place not for a drink but for its burp-worthy food with its pocket-friendly prices. LOCATION Juan Luna St., Mabolo, Cebu […]
January 7, 2011
Backpacking with a Book

Mt. Timbak and Its People

With a diet mostly composed of fresh vegetables and fruits, it did not come as a surprise that kids in Atok, Benguet are naturally gifted with rosy cheeks, smooth complexion, and healthy eyes. With a great hope, urban or Western diet shall not reach this part of the archipelago since it might alter the pureness of their beauty and health. There was a particular girl around eight who piggy-backed her younger sister. She eyed the camera with repugnance. Perhaps she felt what we did―taking pictures of the community without their permission―is an act of intrusion. Indeed, it is. Perhaps she […]
February 6, 2011
Backpacking with a Book

Why Do You Write?

Perhaps because I’m lonely, and writing itself is  another form of loneliness? Perhaps because words are innately selfish, and they want to be exposed although I don’t intend to? Perhaps because I could easily edit what the mouth couldn’t? Perhaps because writing is an open letter to a certain someone? A real and imaginary reader? Perhaps the heart, the mind couldn’t contain all the words inside, they need an outlet? Perhaps because words should be taken as they are, should not be taken as they are? Perhaps because words are deceitful, just like us? Perhaps because words are sincere, honest […]