January 25, 2016
Leave Everything Behind and Travel the World

A Developing Country Citizen’s Perspective: What’s Wrong with “Leave Everything Behind and Travel the World”

 I shared the table with a Dutch traveler for our complimentary breakfast of coffee, two toasts, and few slices of melon—something that the Burmese or us Filipinos do not normally have for breakfast. But I enjoyed it, nonetheless, especially after an hour or so of pedaling on sandy paths, checking temples at the crack of dawn. When travelers meet, conversations often revolved around Where are you from?, Where have you been?, How long have you been traveling?, How long is your trip?. And I feel that one’s traveler-ness is gauged according to one’s answer. The longer your trip is, the better, […]
September 23, 2013

Lovely Photos to Convince You to Visit Siquijor

Revisits offer new perspectives. For several reasons.  First, time. It’s been three years since my first visit. Three years could do and change a lot to a place or to a person. Siquijor has changed. I am changed.  Second, the mean of transport. Pressed for time, my friend from work and I pakyaw-ed a tricycle for the island tour. This time around despite my sleeplessness, I asked for directions, rode tricycles with the locals,  paid the minimum fare, and devoured a deliciously fried native chicken leg. My first day in Siquijor—travel-wise—was rather unproductive. I slept the entire afternoon away. I […]
August 19, 2013

Sun.Star Cebu | The Capital According to a Cebuana (2 of 3 Parts)

MANILA, according to Maynila—a TV program I sometimes I chanced upon in my high school days—was all about high school or college drama and romance. Rizal Park—commonly or formerly known as Luneta Park—Intramuros, and Fort Santiago are some of the backdrops of the budding, breaking, reuniting of young love. Maynila bears the tagline, Larawan ng Bansa (The National Image). There are times that I am convinced that our national image is reduced to drama, youthful and foolish sentimentalities, romance. Often, parks are dating sites for the young and the young-feeling. But on a bright Wednesday morning, I only spotted a […]