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DSC_7129I spent some time reading and writing at one of those beautiful love seats at Ocean Vida. They are the only resort that has huge bean bags laid out on the beach in the afternoon.
DSC_7133Earlier this year, the masseuses starts wearing blue and green uniforms. You can find them waiting for customers on the stretch of Bounty Beach. The massage costs P300.00


My morning stroll, taking all the blueness in.

DSC_7188The back of a woman who saw Malapascua in an entirely different light.

DSC_7214Jason, a Californian guy, snorkeled by the lighthouse where a  WWII shipwreck can be found.

DSC_7221Amid the blue of happiness, Yolanda can still be felt.

DSC_7229Cliff jumping is a must-do when you are in Malapascua!

DSC_7281What do you do with so much blue once you’ve seen it?—Andre Aciman


Tatay planed the woods to be used for the boat-making.  They are paid P300 a day for the job.DSC_7346 Before Kathy, Diane, Melot—the kids selling accessories—arrived, I mused on the questions and epiphanies gleaned from Aciman. It is interesting that I was experiencing, witnessing the very blueness that he wrote about.DSC_7362 The sunset from Ocean Vida. DSC_7368 My first to experience the sunset at Malapascua.DSC_7407 I decided to pamper myself with a massage on the beach on Valentine’s night. I had a sky of clarity dotted with a full moon and stars as a roof. Ponalisa, my masseuse, is an interesting character like the island kids. She was shy at first. But later on, she poured out her story and her island’s.DSC_7466

Malapascua has reminded me of Siargao. They are islands of cha-cha. At first, old locals dominated the dance floors with cha-cha songs from Leyte.  As the night progressed, foreign tourists and resorts staff arrived and danced to the tunes “You found love in a hopeless place” and “budots.”

I got drunk and flirted the night away. It was pure fun, Malapascua.


Now sober,


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  1. napaka relaxing naman ng place na ito :)

  2. mustachio says:

    I love this island. I try to go to this island at least once a year since 2003. Your photos have made me miss the place.

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