January 4, 2012

Wrap 2011 with Happiness and Gratitude

To Mt. Babag by Claire “Kikit” Apigo BWAB bloomsed this last year.  Some posts here, I confidently assume, are worthy to be explored and rewritten; some posts to be trashed. With essays left unwritten and pictures unsorted, let me wrap 2011 with happiness and gratitude. This Last year’s wanderings affirmed and strengthened some old beliefs, some were unceremoniously replaced, some were found in the ship, jeepney, bus, plane. Itineraries are useless. Traveling happens the moment you are caught indecisive and seemingly lost. Traveling happens the moment you acknowledge the fact you’re lost, the moment you accept the truth that the place is a stranger. Traveling […]
September 19, 2011
Backpacking with a Book

Osmeña Peak: The Erratic

Transits are as important as arrivals and departures or perhaps more important even enlightening. Departures are the packings of life, arrivals the unpacking; while transits are the search for it. In trekking, thoughts, realizations often occur in the gaps between A and B, between hills, between two beings. Osmeña Peak is point A and Kawasan Falls point B; between them are the cicadas singing. Osmeña Peak, Cebu’s roof, is perhaps the moodiest mountains on the island. A minute change of weather greatly affects her. A simple drizzle can cause zero visibility. The rolling erratic peaks disappear and reappear in a […]
August 30, 2011
Backpacking with a Book

Mt. Manunggal: The Historical

How it is to be a mountain reputed for its historical relevance? Ramon Magsaysay’s presidential plane, Mt. Pinatubo, lost its way in a stormy night and crashed into Cebu’s second highest located in Balamban. The president’s life was not spared. His death made a mountain out of Manunggal. Rows of Silence Mt. Manunggal lacks the gruelling trail, which seasoned mountaineers favor, nor does it have a rewarding view, which most see as the culmination after hours of ascent. The parching heat is the most palpable enemy. With all of  these perceived shortcomings, why is it one of the most visited […]
August 19, 2011

Mt. Babag: The City’s Quiet

Cebu City, with its discords and sonorities, has serene ranges looming beyond the skyscrapers. When the city disturbs the disquiet, Mt. Babag comforts the disturbed. It is just a miniature compared to other mountains fit for major climbs. Yet, Mt. Babag, the city’s ceiling, offers itself for weekend meanderings, for serene walks, for a day away from the discordant city. Babag ranges stretch silently along the edges of Guadalupe, which makes Brgy. Napo—located on the ranges’ foot and a ten-peso ride from Guadalupe church—the most accessible entry point for weekend climbers. Whereas its height is often belittled, the diverse qualities […]