June 19, 2012

An Entry of Happiness

The fledgling ventured beyond its one-meter realm. With its still fluffy feathers, it returned to its nest once in a while. Its chirps accompanied my veranda mornings in Tuburan, my seemingly sleepy yet happy hometown in midwest Cebu. Nestlings confront life as soon as their wings can take it. They never hesitate. They fly. In the past three weeks, I measured my life with chirps, waters, early mornings, greens, bites and devours, coffee, and mouthing Iloveyous in the crowd or in a room. I lost count. I’m happy. Life has never been this beautiful. And it’s scary. I. WORDS Words—they pain […]
May 20, 2012

Anna Fe and Noel’s Wedding: The Intimate Details

A wedding. Although Pawlita, my camera, is now in Japan, where resurrection is a possibility, I can’t let the eventful May go undocumented. First, a wedding. Anna Fe and Noel’s.
May 13, 2012

Photo Essay: Guimaras, Philippines

Alubihod, Poblacion, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras, Philippines  
May 9, 2012

Tuburan, Cebu: My Hometown at Dusk, at Night

Bikers at the Old Port | Tuburan, Cebu, Philippines I’m currently camera-less. It was damaged during my recent trip. I’m polling support to have it fixed. Help BWAB to have it repaired. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Do you need a photographer for an event? Click here