March 25, 2013

Sun.Star Weekend | Tips for Women Travelers

Shoestring travelers are the most seasoned and storied among wanderers. They see the place without the touristy pampering and superfluity. With their frugality, they tolerate–if not accept–too boxy a room, strike a conversation with the locals, eat street food, can smell an extortionist meters away, adapt to the place’s mood swings, and are excited–not panicky–when they get lost. Shoestring travelers are hungry for experience unique to every place he or she winds up in. Shoestring traveling is presumably harder for women. Traveling—which is historically patriarchal—is already a challenge for her. There are every woman’s woes to deal with: dysmenorrhea, “weak” […]
March 19, 2013

March Poem Series: Louise Glück

Louise Glück | Penelope’s Song Little soul, little perpetually undressed one, Do now as I bid you, climb The shelf-like branches of the spruce tree; Wait at the top, attentive, like A sentry or look-out. He will be home soon; It behooves you to be Generous. You have not been completely Perfect either; with your troublesome body You have done things you shouldn’t Discuss in poems. Therefore Call out to him over the open water, over the bright Water With your dark song, with your grasping, Unnatural song—passionate, Like Maria Callas. Who Wouldn’t want you? Whose most demonic appetite Could […]
March 15, 2013

Townhopping 2013: The Unkept Inambakan Falls (and Few Lessons on Cebuano)

“Daghan lagig basura sa ubos,” I tried to sound as friendly as I could to the entrance fee collector upon handing out a twenty-peso bill.  Disposals were discarded in the river and found their way between boulders. No trash cans or sacks in sight. In many cases, the LGU never wavers in collecting entrance fees without delivering the service. “Naa diay,
March 10, 2013

Cebu Yearbook 2013 | Redefining Healthy Choices

Cebu is carnivorous. She is a city that gobbles humba as much as pochero. Yes, a city of guilt. She murmurs a small prayer of repentance after guzzling a sinful slice of lechon. But such prayer disappears with the burp. But with the contagious mantra of being healthy, she changes. She becomes more diverse. Yes, she is